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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

What do we do with your information?

In order to keep your privacy intact, we do our best to collect, store and use your information in the most reliable way. Our team is equipped with the modern protocols that save your data on reliable servers, especially when your sensitive information are collected on behalf of our administrators. We collect your data for only one reason. That is improving your experience on our website. You may wonder why we need your email address or telephone number, and the only reason is providing a better experience for our users.

We are trained to select the information in the right way, so you can feel more secure on our website. None of your data will be shared with third-party services or any other external systems, no matter of the situation. Sometimes, we are asked to provide your information to other businesses and administrators, but we are strictly determined not to share your data. For that reason, all kinds of sharing, selling or providing your information to any outside systems is strictly forbidden by our side.

Is your consent important?

One thing is extremely worthy of attention in this privacy policy for Your personal knowledge and consent are the most important in the process of collecting, using and operating with your information. If you do not agree with the compromise to use your data, we won’t be able to use your data. It is simple and very strict. Our providing of your personal data can be only made by law requirements, in the case of official regulatory rules. Official laws can be used to provide your personal data to third-party systems, and that is only possible in specific situations. In any other situation, we will keep your data safe and out of third-party reach.

How to maintain accuracy?

In order to keep the accuracy at the highest level, we can conduct the detailed collecting of information when you sign up for our service, especially when it comes to your email addresses. We want to make sure that your email address is accurate, because of marketing and informational purposes. Just like in our overall philosophy, our marketing and informational activities are based on your user experience, so we can inform you about the most recent services and products. This way, you will know all about our activities that are targeted to provide better user experience to you.

What to do if you have complaints and suggestions?

If for any reason, you have complaints about our service, you can contact our customer support at You can ask whatever you need to know about our service, and our team will give the best effort to find a proper solution. We are trained to serve each customer with a high professionalism that is concentrated on our customers’ needs. You’ll find the right answers that will help you improve your satisfaction with our service.

How to protect your privacy?

Whenever you are on the internet, there are chances to face certain troubles. Many things are possible during internet usage, and we are not always ready for them. Stealing of personal information is a common problem, and that is why you need to find a way to protect yourself. The best way is to select which information you give and where you give them. Make sure that the website you visit is adequately protected with secure servers. You can find more information online, where other users usually share the experience with different websites. Be sure that you give your data to selected websites that are proven and reliable. In this case, our actions and privacy policy for are based on the extremely efficient basis that is completely secured for all our users.

Is your opinion relevant?

Your opinion and personal attitude are the most important in the whole process. If you have any questions about your personal privacy, feel free to contact us at and find out everything you want to know. We can provide the complete safety when it comes to your data, and that is not where our responsibility ends. We are also responsible for your overall experience on our website, and, therefore, everything is designed to give you a complete comfort and ultimate satisfaction with our products and services.

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