Components of Microsoft office

Microsoft office has several components. Each of the components is used in document preparation to make the job easier and faster. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are the most common components that we have today. Microsoft office is used in businesses, research, education and even advertising. Here are some of the components of Microsoft office:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is used in the preparation of word documents. It allows you to type documents and edit. Word has a spelling checker and also formatting features. You can use the formatting features to enhance the appearance of your document. Word is used in creating word documents that are used for different purposes.

Microsoft Excel

Excel is used in accounting purposes for data analysis and tracking. Microsoft Excel has formulas that help you is performing mathematical actions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and others. Using excel it is also easy to analyze data in terms of charts, graphs and other methods of data presentation.

Microsoft Power Point: PowerPoint is a useful component in presenting data for business and educational purposes. Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to present data inform of slides to make your presentation impressive. Using PowerPoint makes your presentation look organized and professional. It also aids your audience in seeing what you are presenting.

Microsoft outlook

Outlook is popularly known as an e-mail service. However, it has other activities apart from helping you to send and receive e-mails. With Microsoft Outlook it is possible to create schedules, prepare notes and get access to the calendar. The task manager helps you stay organized by taking notes and planning your day.

Microsoft Access

Access is a database manager. It is used to keep the entire database in your computer organized. Using this software, you can create database accurately and quickly. Microsoft is essential in managing database in your computer and also network.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is an essential component for gathering and collecting information. With this program, it is possible to gather notes from different areas such as audios, photographs, videos, and even handwritten notes. Using Microsoft OneNote, it is possible to possible to share with other people in the network or using the internet.

Microsoft publisher

Just like the name suggests, Microsoft publisher is used in creating personalized publications. Using this program, it is possible to create cards, newsletters, brochures, and even calendars. Unlike Microsoft word, publisher allows you to include graphics in your text and especially when working with limited text. Microsoft publisher is all about practicing your creativity.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a file storage solution that allows you to store files in the cloud. With this online Microsoft office suite, it is possible to use windows to save documents, files, and photos that you do not want to lose. OneDrive keeps your files organized, and you do not have to worry about losing them in case your computer drive is damaged.

Microsoft vision

Microsoft vision is used for professional purposes to create diagrams, graphs, shapes, and even plans. Apart from using the program to create diagrams and shapes, you can use it to import, export and share your stencils with other users in the network.