Benefits of using Microsoft Office for Businesses

Originally introduced in 1990, Microsoft Office has quickly evolved from the simple origin into one of the most popular productivity suites all over the world. With a full package with many advanced features and services, it is the ultimate solution for many businesses and organizations to maximize the efficiency in the workplace. Whether it is creating a report in Word, building an analysis spreadsheet in Excel or managing your email contacts in Outlook, Office has made most computer-based tasks much easier now than ever before. With that in mind, here are 5 benefits that Microsoft Office might help.

1. Cloud-based system

The most important benefit of Microsoft Office is probably the ability to perform everything in a cloud-based system. As all data are created, distributed, and stored online, you can have access to important word files or financial spreadsheets from any computers as long as there is an Internet connection. As a result, it enables employees to work effectively anywhere at home, in a local coffee shop or an airport lounge just as they would be if they are sitting in the office.

2. Embrace mobile

As smartphones and mobile devices are increasingly becoming an essential part of daily life, Microsoft Office also offers businesses with many innovative features to embrace the mobile computing. For example, it is easy to create documents or send an important email via Outlook anywhere, from any devices, with no exceptions. This is especially helpful in leveraging the flexibility and versatility, which are two essential factors for every organization in today competitive markets.

3. Value for money

The latest version of Microsoft Office is typically scalable, which makes it a perfect option for businesses of all sizes and models. Companies can now select the exact deployment plan that fits their development strategies, thus paying for what they use without spending excess money on unnecessary applications or packages. For example, the “Office Business Essentials” package only costs $5 per month for each user. With a reasonable pricing, it is no surprise that more and more organizations, especially small and medium enterprises, are choosing Microsoft Office as their first choice.

4. Security and safety

Since all of the applications in the Microsoft Office suite can operate on cloud-based systems, safety is always the top priority. In fact, all stored data in the cloud is basically housed in the data centers of Microsoft. This helps to extend real-time scanning of documents and messages for dangerous components such as malware and viruses, as well as other security services which adhere to different industry-standard specifications.

5. Many collaboration tools

Modern versions of Microsoft Office can unlock the collaboration power at every business level. It provides a wide variety of tools such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook that makes it easier for multiple employees to work on the same documents from different computers and places. More importantly, the package includes online meeting, contacts, calendaring, and other functions designed to facilitate collaboration with your clients or partners. In other words, you and your own client would have a remote meeting or edit the same files, thus allowing for a quick business decision.