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What is Microsoft OneNote and How to Insert Image and Files in OneNote

Higher chances are that you have recently stumbled upon the program and you are looking to learn more about it. Now, for very many folks, OneNote has become the online platform for most of their work. It is the perfect online avenue to work on a number of documents including interview transcripts and important article drafts. It is also the best program for developing new ideas and thoughts on how to re-arrange the home office package. So, what is Microsoft…

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Things to know about Microsoft ‘SharePoint’

SharePoint integrates with Microsoft. It is a web-based collaborative tool. Launched in the year 2001, it is highly configurable. It is a valuable addition to various businesses. It acts as a powerful tool. However, it can be difficult and at the same time daunting to all those who use it for the first time. It is difficult to understand the tool as well as various things that can be accomplished using it. This write-up will help to understand a few…

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How to fix windows installer Error?

Windows Installer is a service in Microsoft Windows XP and later operating systems. It is used in software installations and uninstallations as well as in software maintenance. Microsoft encourages all software developers to use Windows Installer as the foundation for their software installation packages to ensure smooth installations, updates, and uninstallations. Windows Installer errors can occur due to corrupted or missing files, corrupted registry keys, or installation files that were not registered correctly in the Windows Registry. Software that has…

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Microsoft office compatible with these operating systems and device

In today’s world, Microsoft Office has become a household name across the world. Popularly known as MS Office, it is an entire suite of desktop productivity applications specifically to be used for business and office applications. It was created by Microsoft Corporation, and the first version of the product was released in 1990. Today the most popular office suite application is available in more than 35 languages and is supported on Windows, variants of Linux and Mac operating systems. The…

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Use of Online Picture and Online Video in Microsoft Word

When making a presentation, you want to ensure that you have all your material in one place. If you happen to have your notes, graphics, and videos in the same program, this makes the presentation more effective. Microsoft 2013 helps you add richness to your presentation by ensuring that you can now add pictures and videos. If you have videos from YouTube, SkyDive, Flickr, and other sources, you can now embrace the use of online picture and online video in…

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How to fix Office 2013 Installation Error: “Something went wrong”

It’s not always a straightforward process when you’re installing software, and this is especially true if you’re installing the 2013 version of Microsoft Office – which a lot of people are finding impossible to install due to a recurring error message. The most common errors are “sorry, we ran into a problem”, or “something went wrong”. We’re going to look at how to work around the errors to install your copy of Office 2013. It’s possible you’re trying to install…

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Microsoft Office Is For Home, Personal and For Business Uses

Really today Microsoft office seems to be made to use for doing personal things, at home and in businesses due to its advanced versions. Since Bill Gates announced about the introduction of Microsoft Office for the first time at COMDEX in Las Vegas on 1st August 1988, Microsoft Office is termed as a family of server software, client software and the services develop by the company from time to time. Since the initial introduction Microsoft Office, several versions have been…

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Microsoft Word Features You Didn’t Know Existed and How to Use Them

If you thought all you can do with Microsoft Word is to fire up a new document and start typing, think again. There are many hidden features that millions of Microsoft word do not use. In this article, we are going to look at 3 of those features and how to use them. 1. Outline View: One surefire tip on improving your writing productivity is outlining your main ideas to complete that first draft as quickly as you can. If…

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