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About Us

Microsoft Office is a collection of client and server software, as well as a host of other services and applications aimed at serving various user needs. Office setup was developed by the Microsoft Company and since 1988, it has been a subject of many updates and upgrades. As is the case with any system that goes through such updates, the user may be left confused when new tools and features are introduced, so much as to want to quit the software. Perhaps you have been there, maybe not; but one thing we can all agree on is that system updates on any resourceful software such as Microsoft Office may leave some of your data exposed especially if you do not understand how to conform to the new changes. And since these updates will always be here, you need a company that ensures all your needs relating to Microsoft Office are catered for. That company is

What We Do

On our website, we help you tackle all the crucial questions about Microsoft Office. First of all, we help you understand the basic components of this software. If you search, you will realize that the software has kept some of its most basic applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc, with only a few upgrades to them. However, there are many versions of Microsoft Office and the one you choose to install will be determined by the requirements of your specific PC. The website might also be resourceful when searching for the specific versions of this software that your system supports. Generally, there are a few things you have to take care of before purchasing Office Setup. Aside from meeting the requirements of that Office subscription, you have to ensure the system does not have any other versions of Office already installed therein. Once these have been taken care of, you can now proceed to and download then install and activate the software.

At, we do not only stop at informing you about the latest updates and upgrades of Microsoft Office, but we also go an extra mile by taking you through the downloading process step-by-step. Indeed, much of the knowledge we offer cannot be found even in websites related to the software such as Just to scratch the surface of it, you will realize that the software can be downloaded either online or offline.

To download it online, you will need to sign in to the Office account through the link Upon signing in, you will need to key in the product key before pressing Enter. New users will not readily have the key and as such, they will be required to first of all set up an account with Microsoft Office before proceeding to the next steps. Once you have accessed, there will be a host of subscriptions and you will be required to choose your most preferred one and then click Download. If you wish to download it offline, you can simply insert the Office-CD into the CD/DVD-drive of your PC and follow the download instructions.

As you can see, these are processes that will demand a great chunk of your time and attention, which is why we are here to take the worry off your shoulders. Once you have downloaded Office you will realize you are only getting started because there are the installation and the activation steps. All these are some of the technical support we offer. Whether you wish to install Office for Windows or Mac, we are ever here to help you.

And at any time you ever feel you have grown out of love with your Office Software and want to part ways, you can always look up to us to assist you with the Installation process. And even if you hadn’t really grown out of love but simply wanted to uninstall the software so as to make a few changes to your system and then Re-install it, we will be here to help you.

Why Us?

Going to to initiate a simple Office process may seem like a walk in the park. Far from it. As already mentioned, the software undergoes periodic updates and you need professionals like us to keep you up to date with these updates. We are a team of experts experienced in all manner of Office-related challenges; from download to installation, set-up, installation, and re-installation. Even better, we will take care of all your error resolution problems and ensure your system is up and running.

The fact that we’re not affiliated with Microsoft Office means we have no vested interests in the company. Therefore, all the services we provide are from a third-party point of view. You will not have to worry about spam emails vouching for the credibility of the software and all. Our only concern is to ensure once you have chosen it as your preferred software, you can go on to use it with no hitches.

Last but not least, we have a 24/7 support system that is dedicated to answering all your questions. You need not worry about the time of day or night you contact us as we will always be here at your service. You can always contact us through our support email at

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