Higher chances are that you have recently stumbled upon the program and you are looking to learn more about it. Now, for very many folks, OneNote has become the online platform for most of their work. It is the perfect online avenue to work on a number of documents including interview transcripts and important article drafts. It is also the best program for developing new ideas and thoughts on how to re-arrange the home office package.

So, what is Microsoft One Note?
Microsoft OneNote was solely and specifically designed and developed to act and serve as an electronic substitute of paperwork. Basically, it can be described as a PIM and a note-taking application program. PIM is an abbreviation for Personal Information Management.

Generally, this program is used in the collection, organization, and sharing of digital information. You can store all your personal files including photos, text notes, video and audio clips, handwriting and other relevant content, the program collects and arranges your info making it available for search and online sharing.

This application program synchronizes OneNote data and content between various devices using SkyDrive storage services offered by Microsoft. Typical applications for running OneNote on a wide range of devices are available for Apple products, Windows phones, and Android devices. OneNote can also be accessed from your browser using Office Web Apps.

Now, let’s take a look at how to insert images and files in OneNote

One of the best features offered by Microsoft OneNote is the ability to insert images and a whole lot of other file types in your online notebooks. The best thing about this is that just by having your various file types in one single note or notebook, you get a compact and accessible technique to do your research projects.

So, how do you insert these files? Well then here is a step-by-step procedure to perform the latter:

First and foremost, open the OneNote application program from the device you are using be it a PC, laptop computer or even a smartphone device.

On the top menu, select Insert. On clicking insert, you will be provided with a number of viable options to select from. From the list, select the type of file you want to add or insert in your notebook. You are provided with the option of adding, rather inserting Online Pictures, Pictures, Clip Arts and Scanned images among other file types.

Microsoft OneNote also allows you to insert other files from a spreadsheet, word processor or PowerPoint. All you have to do is select insert. On the provided list, select ile Attachment’. Lastly, browse and select the files you want to add then confirm the action.

With this program, you can also insert a saved screenshot that you have already captured. To do so, select insert. Next, select Screen Clipping. You are then allowed to drag the mouse in order to define the area to be captured. From that point, you can perform a few modifications on the latter such as resizing it before completing the action.

In conclusion, you need to clearly understand how important and powerful this program is. Also, the fact that you can insert almost any type of content in your notes proves how advanced this program is. Have your files safely stored in Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage.