SharePoint integrates with Microsoft. It is a web-based collaborative tool. Launched in the year 2001, it is highly configurable. It is a valuable addition to various businesses. It acts as a powerful tool. However, it can be difficult and at the same time daunting to all those who use it for the first time. It is difficult to understand the tool as well as various things that can be accomplished using it. This write-up will help to understand a few things about Microsoft SharePoint.

Important things to know about Microsoft Sharepoint

Exports data to Excel:

Microsoft SharePoint supports exporting the data to Excel. It, therefore, enables convenience in printing and graphing. Create Excel Web query by Excel Export function. Link it to the original data. The user can create the spreadsheets. These spreadsheets created will accept the data and the data get pushed to SharePoint. The user has to create an Excel Spreadsheet. Link it to SharePoint using the Export and Link to Excel present on a Datasheet Task Pane. The user can enter the data into a spreadsheet. Later push it to Excel using the option of Synchronize List.

It backs up site and site collections in a single operation:

Anyone who has tried to move sites knows how difficult a task it can be to accomplish. SharePoint uses two utilities. They are STSADM and MIGRATE. These utilities simplify the entire process of moving a site. STSADM helps preserve security settings which SMIGRATE fail to do. STSADM moves sites and sites collection. STSADM moves the data, create sites, imports templates and deletes the entire site’s collections.

Microsoft SharePoint acts as a database transport mechanism:

SharePoint can begin shared distribution points from different sources for data. Various modes of transport enable the movement. A user can distribute the data with the help of SharePoint’s site-moving capabilities from the server to server.

Document management application:

Microsoft SharePoint’s utility in document management is advantageous in various businesses. There is no need to print out the handbooks of employees. Post them to the company SharePoint website. Link them from the company Intranet.

It is a fun web-based tool:

Microsoft SharePoint is a vast platform. Because of its enormous vastness, an individual never gets bored. The user can either focus on web design or setting up of business workflows. A user can begin to work by learning basics and slowly evolve with SharePoint.

It is highly customizable:

Integration of its services with FrontPage 2003 makes it highly customizable. Web editing tools of FrontPage enable crafting Microsoft SharePoint sites. A user can control the style using XSLT. It can be manipulated directly or with the help of FrontPage. A user can even go for conditional formatting.


Microsoft SharePoint is a vast platform. There is so much to work on this platform. It is the reason that a user never gets bored of it. It offers a lot of things in the form of services. It may be a little difficult to understand in the beginning. Despite its difficult understanding, it never fails to amuse the user with its vastness and number of services which it offers. It not only acts as a database transport mechanism but also helps in exporting data to Excel. A user can move sites and sites collections using it. It is highly customizable and a fun web-based collaborative tool.