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Get a Solution to all Office issues at – Office 365 Setup,  Office 2019 Setup

Digital technology has transformed the world we live in. This is especially true for the business world. Office tools have revolutionized business operations by redefining how data is manipulated and presented. Microsoft office applications go beyond business operations and are used by everyone to work on a computer. As with all applications, you may encounter a problem with Microsoft Office. Most individuals, small and medium businesses lack the technical expertise to handle the issues they experience with Office. We are here to help you with any challenges that you may encounter.


Office activate help is a fully-fledged suite which comprises different servers, services, and applications. You can purchase any Office version that is compatible with your home or business computer. To install a new Office set up on your computer, you must uninstall any other Office already installed and ensure that your computer meets the requirements of that Office subscription.

Microsoft Office can be downloaded online or offline. To download Office, you need to sign at using your Microsoft account. You will be given precise instructions to follow once you open this page. However, if you’re a new user, you will be required to create an account and fill in some personal information before downloading Office. At .com/setup, you will find all Microsoft versions and you can download any of them.


office setup comprises four types of apps and each app have several applications. Below are the different types of Office apps and their application.

  • Desktop apps: Desktop apps have the highest number of applications. These are Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Visio, Project, and Skype for Business. Desktop apps are used more than the others because they have a wide range of applications that people need for daily tasks.
  • Mobile apps: Their applications are Office lens and Office Remote.
  • Server Applications: Under server applications, Microsoft offers Skype Business and Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Web services: They include Office 365, Office Online, Booking, Forms, and Planner.

This complete Office setup can be downloaded from the official website,


Office setup online is installed in a few steps for both Mac and Windows. Though the installation process is different for both, you will hardly get lost with the easy-to-follow instructions provided. For Windows, you just go to the ‘Downloads’ folder and double click on the downloaded Office setup. Once a prompt window opens, click es’ and Office will be installed. For Mac, open Finder and double-click on the Office setup you downloaded, click continue’ twice, click gree’ followed by continue click install’ and then provide your Mac password for the installation to begin.


To activate Microsoft Office, you need to enter a valid product key on, redeem the product key and then follow the installation steps you will be given. Office product key is an alpha-numeric code consisting of 25 characters that are emailed to you after paying for Office subscription.


Office uninstallation depends on the type of installation used. An Office setup could have been installed by either Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) or Click-to-Run. You need to find out the installation used to install the Office setup you want to uninstall. To know which installation type it is, open your Office application, open Office Account and look whether there are update Options’. If it is available, the Office setup was installed using Click-to-Run and if it’s not available, it was installed using MSI installation.

To uninstall an Office setup that was installed using Click-to-Run, you need to log in your Windows account. Once you’re logged in, remove Windows Installer packages and Office scheduled tasks. Then end Click-to-Run tasks using Task Manager and delete Office services. The next step involves removing Office files, Office Registry subkeys and start menu shortcuts. Finally, uninstall the Click-to-Run licensing component.

For an Office setup installed using MSI, unhide any hidden files and folders before proceeding to the uninstallation process. You should follow these steps to successfully uninstall the Office setup: Remove any Office Windows Installer packages, stop Office source engine service, delete all Office installation files and folders and then remove the Office system registry subkeys.


Knowing all the possible problems you may encounter with Office will help you decide on the best way to deal with them when they arise. Our experience working with Office users to fix various issues have helped us determine the common challenges one may face when using Office. Some of the issues associated with Office are; problems with adoption of newly introduced features, customization challenges, security concerns, performance issues, lack of an immediate response from Office support about a pressing problem and another general as well as specific issues.

Owing to the importance of Office applications in everyday life, we offer online support for Office. We are an independent company with no affiliation to Microsoft. Our software professionals have gained vast experience helping Office customers across the globe solve Office issues. They understand all the features and facilities of Office and will diagnose and troubleshoot issues in any program. We also help you upgrade Office to the latest version, utilize Office programs more, and upgrade your software to the latest one. Contact us for support or inquire with our tech staff about any issue you may have encountered. Our support email is

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