Really today Microsoft office seems to be made to use for doing personal things, at home and in businesses due to its advanced versions. Since Bill Gates announced about the introduction of Microsoft Office for the first time at COMDEX in Las Vegas on 1st August 1988, Microsoft Office is termed as a family of server software, client software and the services develop by the company from time to time.

Since the initial introduction Microsoft Office, several versions have been introduced to fulfill the requirements of its different ultimate users as well as changing environment of computing industry. The desktop version is the most commonly used and the original version of Microsoft Office as it can be used for the PCs running on any operating system, Mac or Windows. MS Office 2016 is the latest desktop version which was released on 9th July 2015 for the users of Mac operating system and on 22nd September 2015 for the users of Windows operating system.

Use of Microsoft Office for home:

Microsoft has introduced Office Home & Student 2016 as the best Micrsoft Office application for the families to use at home. It is available for both, Windows and Mac operating systems. It is licensed for home use only. It cannot be used by businesses. It can allow the families and the students to use MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint templates to convert your unique ideas into presentations to convince your teachers and classmates. They can also use its OneNote option to type, write, swipe and click notes as well as organize notes to find the required notes fast and share notebooks among classmates and friends to complete a group task easily. It also allows families and students to store their files online to get them even while on the go to edit them or invite others to review them.

Use of Microsoft Office for person:

For personal use Microsoft has developed a unique application Microsoft Office 365 Personal which is available only for one user. By installing this application you will install the trial versions of MS Excel, Word, OneNote, Outlook and PowerPoint with all their features completely for one month. You will have to renew it every month. However, the users of Microsoft Office 2013 can also opt for monthly, as well as yearly plans for its renewal. Its OneDrive option provides you cloud storage space for up to 1TB data. The trained experts of Microsoft can help you in using it by contacting with them through phone or chat without any additional cost until your subscription continues.

Use of Microsoft Office for businesses:

For small businesses Microsoft Office has introduced Office 365, a subscription-based cloud version, that can allow access to various cloud based tools like Skype and OneDrive for the use of Businesses as well as the team of Microsoft. Small business owners usually like Office 365 not only for its reasonable price but for a number of its additional features also. The admin portal of this application can help business owners to enforce their data easily and manage their permissions efficiently by rolling out updates regularly. They can also use G Suite if you are ignorant about the admin software of Microsoft Office.