It’s not always a straightforward process when you’re installing software, and this is especially true if you’re installing the 2013 version of Microsoft Office – which a lot of people are finding impossible to install due to a recurring error message. The most common errors are “sorry, we ran into a problem”, or “something went wrong”. We’re going to look at how to work around the errors to install your copy of Office 2013. It’s possible you’re trying to install Office from a Windows 8 or 7 edition, because that’s where most of the errors are happening. If however, you’re working from a more advanced version of Windows, do let us know what your experience is.

Here’s how to fix Office 2013 Installation Error “Something went wrong”

This error may be caused by a cancelled installation and an attempt to install a new copy of Microsoft Office 2013 over the first one. It’s also possible the error may have been caused by the computer rebooting during the installation process – in which case you can go to the Control Panel and click to repair the software online. This works for Office 2013 and 365. If you can’t locate Office in the Control Panel, then you can download a small uninstall tool from Microsoft’s website. Just go to Microsoft Fix It and search for the uninstall tool for Office 2013. You will have to run the program troubleshooter to get through the uninstall process so you can install a fresh copy of Office. Once the software is removed from your computer, it’s recommended that you restart the OS and run the installation afresh.

If you’re still getting the error message, we have a few other suggestions:

a) Check whether your internet connection is limited, or whether your firmware is up-to-date.
b) Clear all your browser cookies and cache – you may have to reset Internet Explorer settings.
c) Disable your antivirus to allow installation (just make sure to turn it back on when you’re done).
d) Check whether you have other old versions of Office on your computer; if yes, then start by removing the older version and all data filed related to it. An incomplete or failed installation in the past can also cause this error.

Installation hangs at different percentages:

Anybody familiar with Office installation will recognize this as normal – however if your 2013 Office takes too long to install, or hangs multiple times at different percentages, then the problem might be caused by the Print Spooler Service. If that’s the case, then you need to stop the process at the OS level at least until you’re finished with the installation.

To do this go to control panel and click on Administrative Tools, and then Services. Look for the Print Spooler Service and stop it. Alternatively just open a Command Prompt window and type “services.msc”, and press enter. Look through the services to find the Print Spooler service and stop or disable it temporarily. When you’re done installing the software, go back to Administrative Tools and restart the service.

If the installation error persists, then you just have to restart your computer and try again. You may need to do a forced reboot if the installation hangs at 94%. If your only problem is the error, then use the steps above to fix it and continue with the set up.